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Don't Leave Your Mark!

Maintaining the golf course is always an important factor while playing the game of golf.  Replacing divots, fixing ball marks and raking bunkers may seem like second nature to most of us.  However, unfortunately many people that play our courses have not been properly trained on this critical part of our game. During the early part of the golfing season, it is even more important that proper care of the course is taken since the turf has yet to begin growing at summer rates.  Because of the lack of growth, ball marks and divots will take much longer to grow back and leave imperfections on the greens, tees and fairways.  So we ask our guests to please help us keep our course in top condition for everyone's enjoyment.  Fix your ball mark or divot and any other's that you may see.  A good rule of thumb is to fix your ball mark or divot and one other!